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  • requirement是什么意思requirement的翻译音标读音用法

    爱词霸权威在线词典,为您提供requirement的中文意思,requirement的用法讲解,requirement的读音,requirement的同义词,requirement的反义词,requirement的例句等英语服务。需要;有赖于;要求;规定 A good degree is a minimum requirement for many jobs 很多工作的最低要求是要有一个好的学位。 [ + that ] It is a legal requirement that you haverequirement中文(简体)翻译:剑桥词典 Cambridge Dictionary

  • REQUIREMENT | English meaning Cambridge Dictionary

    meet/suit sb's requirements The design has been adapted to meet customer requirements an official rule about something that it is necessary to have or to do: I am afraid thea : something wanted or needed : necessity production was not sufficient to satisfy military requirements b : something essential to the existence or occurrence ofRequirement Definition & Meaning MerriamWebster

  • requirement中文(繁體)翻譯:劍橋詞典 Cambridge Dictionary

    (requirement在劍橋英語中文(繁體)詞典的翻譯 © Cambridge University Press)an official rule about something that it is necessary to have or to do: I am afraid the safety system fails to meet minimum requirements It is a requirement that an announcementREQUIREMENT | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

  • Requirement Definition & Meaning | Dictionary

    show ipa See synonyms for: requirement requirements on Thesaurus noun that which is required; a thing demanded or obligatory: One of the requirements of theThe initial investment requirement is often waived for existing customers There's no absolute requirement to disclose your age There is no formal requirement thatrequirement noun Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage

  • Requirement definition and meaning | Collins English

    1 天前· REQUIREMENT definition: A requirement is a quality or qualification that you must have in order to be allowed to| Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examplesrequirement: 1 n required activity “the requirements of his work affected his health” Synonyms: demand Type of: duty , obligation , responsibility the social force that bindsRequirement Definition, Meaning & Synonyms

  • request和requirement作名词时意思很接近,如何区分? 知乎

    Require 动词 形式为require, 名词形式为 requirement require = need,表示需要这个东西,需要做这个事情,而且是必需要的 作为动词时,多以抽象名词作主语;当然人作主语也可以,还可以接从句,例句: This condition requires urgent treatment True marriage requires us to show trustrequirement翻譯:需要;有賴於;要求;規定。了解更多。requirement中文(繁體)翻譯:劍橋詞典 Cambridge Dictionary

  • Requirement Definition & Meaning MerriamWebster

    requirement: [noun] something required: something wanted or needed : necessity something essential to the existence or occurrence of something else : conditionRequirement definition, that which is required; a thing demanded or obligatory: One of the requirements of the job is accuracy See moreRequirement Definition & Meaning | Dictionary

  • A 6step guide to requirements gathering for project success

    2022年11月13日· The first step in requirements gathering is to assign roles in your project This is when you identify your project stakeholders A stakeholder is anyone invested in the project, whether they’re internal or external partners For example, a customer is an external stakeholder, while a department manager or board member is an internal stakeholderrequirement definition: 1 something that you must do, or something you need: 2 something that you must do, or something Learn moreREQUIREMENT | English meaning Cambridge Dictionary

  • 英語「requirement」の意味・使い方・読み方 | Weblio英和

    requirement 名詞 1 前もって 必要なこと (something that is required in advance) 2 求められる 活動 ( required activity) the requirements of his work affected his health 仕事 に 必要な 資格 は、 彼の 健康に 影響 したrequirement definition: something that is needed or demanded: Learn morerequirement | meaning Cambridge Learner's Dictionary

  • REQUIREMENT | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    requirement meaning: 1 something that you must do, or something you need: 2 something that you must do, or something Learn moreDefine requirement requirement synonyms, requirement pronunciation, requirement translation, English dictionary definition of requirement demanded in accordance with set regulations: A degree is a requirement for the jobRequirement definition of requirement by The Free Dictionary

  • as requirement 英中 – Linguee词典

    As a requirement to b ecome a participant [] in the Certification Scheme, each country must create a Kimberley Process certificate, [] which is to accompany each shipment of rough diamonds during export daccessodsun daccessodsun 成为金伯利制度参与者的 一项要求 是, 一 国必 须制作金伯利进程证书requirement WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums All Freerequirement WordReference Dictionary of English

  • REQUIREMENT | Định nghĩa trong Từ điển tiếng Anh Cambridge

    requirement ý nghĩa, định nghĩa, requirement là gì: 1 something that you must do, or something you need: 2 something that you must do, or something Tìm hiểu thêmRAM: 4 GB If your PC has less than 4GB of memory, there are sometimes options for upgrading to get additional RAM You may want to consult your PC manufacturer’s website or with a retailer to see if there are easy and affordable options to meet the minimum requirements for Windows 11 Storage: 64 GB or larger storage deviceWindows 11 System Requirements Microsoft Support

  • Requirement Wikipedia

    Requirement In product development and process optimization, a requirement is a singular documented physical or functional need that a particular design, product or process aims to satisfy It is commonly used in a formal sense in engineering design, including for example in systems engineering, software engineering, or enterprise engineeringRegulations and the food label ling requirement in place cfsgovhk cfsgovhk 一名業界代表詢問修訂《食物內防腐劑規例》的諮詢文件 附件 4 與食物標籤 規定,是否 有不一致 的 地方。 cfsgovhk cfsgovhk The main purpose of the Bill is to require motorists to purchase a minimum amount of insuranceplace a requirement 英中 – Linguee词典

  • as per requirement 英中 – Linguee词典

    The additional requirement of $557,700 (an increase of 16 per cent) for national staff is due to an increase in the number of staff from 164 in 2010/11 to 170 in 2011/12, the application of a vacancy rate for national general service ofrequirement 한국어 뜻: [ ri'kwaiəmənt ] noun, 요구, 필요,자세한 한국어 번역 및 예문 보려면 클릭하십시오 requirement 뜻 requirement 한국어 뜻requirement 뜻 requirement 한국어 뜻 iChaCha사전

  • require / requirement の意味と使い方【英会話用例文】で

    require / requirement の意味や使い方は知ってますか?意味はシンプル!require / requirement の意味・発音・語源・覚え方を例文と解説で紹介しています。フォーマルなリスニングでは基本の英単語!英語学習はボキャブラリーが重要。

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